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New York

New York was one of the first major journeys I got to go on, basically on my own with friends. An educational trip, learned a lot about the States. As my friend Alex saw the whole world basically in 10 months, i’ll have to take longer then that. Just so i don’t forget I saw the trump towers, the Freedom tower (new world trade centre building), Harlem, Soho as well as Noho (less famous), saw a musical on broadway, the Statue of Liberty, the brooklyn bridge, and many more. I now know why Jay-z fell in love. 


what a beautiful skyline


Ai Weiwei

S.A.C.R.E.D, 2011-2013

Fiberglass, acrylic paint, iron

Dioramas reconstructing scenes from Mr. Ai Weiwei’s illegal detention in China in 2011, when he was held for 81 days in a secret prison guarded by a paramilitary unit. Six fiberglass dioramas depict, at half-scale, his often banal daily existence as a captive of the vast government security apparatus.

photographs by Cristiano Bendinelli for The New York Times.

We visited Jerry Seinfeld and the boys

Would you lay with me and just forget the world?


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It’s amazing when you look back how every point worked the way it did so that I can be where i am today.